Jarvis Labs is made up of a passionate and creative team with experience in data science, software engineering, economics and trading who came together to develop Jarvis... We now have Jarvis Labs.

We started out creating a proprietary AI/ML trading system, Jarvis. Once the first version was introduced to the public, It didn’t take for it to snowball into something bigger.

That something bigger is now Jarvis Labs. It was founded in June 2018 and is becoming a one stop shop for crypto traders.

After a few years of development our business is growing faster than we ever expected.

We now house a data platform where traders can explore various crypto metrics to create their own charts, a department focused on publishing insights gleaned from Jarvis, a team developing tools like a personal trading assistant, and even a token swap platform for your convenience.

We are extremely fortunate to be working on something we love so much and in the process build a product that helps every day traders like yourself. We want to be your destination for everything involving crypto markets.


Ready to join us?