Our Story

We hardly slept. It was early 2018 and the markets were never quiet. The volatility was so extreme it made the stock market in March 2020 seem tame.

At the time, negative news would get recycled and published weeks later to spark another cascading selloff… Groups of traders would coordinate to pump and dump various cryptos… And crypto scams were unloading stolen coins left and right. 

We like to refer to this free for all as the “Wild West” period of crypto. Logic was scarce and frustration for traders was high. To make sense of all the chaos, a data scientist, an economist, and a couple day traders came together.


Our idea was to grab as much data as possible to analyze and find out what actually moves crypto markets… Then determine what the market will do tomorrow.

To get started, a colleague sent us their two year old trading algorithm. It worked well, but it didn’t satisfy our first objective enough – who or what made the market move.

We quickly added artificial intelligence and machine learning to the trading algorithm. This ensured the algorithm would detect patterns, habits and correlations on its own.

After a few more months and a few versions later, we had it… Jarvis – a trading system tracking crypto market movers to predict price movements then act on these predictions in real time.

Now, two years later, Jarvis has only gotten more precise. And while making more crypto with Jarvis than we had before Jarvis is a nice benefit, the real success is in our newfound freedom. It was a benefit we didn’t even see coming. 

We each have more time to spend with our loved ones, travel and pursue interests we are passionate about. Not to mention, we are no longer waking up at 3:00am from a price alert. That’s the real benefit of Jarvis!

We are no longer pulling our hair out trying to understand why the market went up or down. Jarvis tells us… before it happens and who’s behind it.  

We were all frustrated and tired of watching the price drop $2,000 and scouring through articles for the next 48 hours attempting to make sense of what happened. It’s frustrating.


We understand the stress of not understanding why the market just dropped $2,000 in just a few minutes. We’ve been there. It’s why we made Jarvis. To help and improve the lives of others, we decided to make Jarvis available to the public. We know we aren’t alone in feeling that frustration. So come join us and see what dozens of other traders have learned… Jarvis can increase your freedom, reduce your stress, and improve your trading results while you sleep.

Ready to join us?