Jarvis Options

The First Autonomous Crypto Options Trading System

The options market is an emerging derivative in crypto. For us this represented an opportunity to deploy our Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning workhorse, Jarvis.

In response, we got to work developing a strategy to maximize gains while limiting risk. After months of back testing, improving its code, and adding millions of data points we had it. The first autonomous options trading system in crypto.

Jarvis is trained to scan the options chain, match up price predictions with expiration dates and strike prices, and even leverage sophisticated hedge fund strategies to maximize any signal produced.

We realize options are a new stomping ground for most crypto traders. Which is why we made Jarvis Options. It takes the guesswork out.

How it Works:

Jarvis is continuously scanning real-time blockchain data across five networks, over 800 wallets, and over 80 on-chain metrics. Once it produces a trade signal, Jarvis scans option chains and expiration dates to determine which combination delivers the highest potential.

To limit risk, Jarvis only purchases calls or puts. This means you won’t be subject to any margin calls or be on the hook for owing a trader bitcoin. Or get knocked out of a good entry because some major player unloaded 1,000 BTC onto the market. It’s hands down the best way to play options in our book.

Again, Jarvis does this all autonomously. You don’t have to lift a finger. Jarvis simply uses your API key provided by Deribit to place trades in your account. You can literally watch Jarvis place trades on your behalf as you sit back and relax.

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