Jarvis - Autonomous Trading System

Make crypto while you sleep

Our signature product is 100% autonomous. You don’t need to do anything once it’s connected. Once it’s setup, you benefit from the tens of millions of data points being analyzed by our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. Jarvis is four years in the making and improves every day to increase your BTC holdings, completely hands free.

How it Works

Jarvis uses your API key provided by either Binance Futures, FTX, Bitmex, Derbit or ByBit to trade for you. This means Jarvis cannot transfer, deposit or withdrawal any of your crypto holdings. It can only execute trades in the account(s) you choose.

Then depending on its price forecast, Jarvis will enter limit or market orders with the appropriate leverage, scale in and out of trades and place stop loss orders. Jarvis will execute these trades in spot, margin, futures, derivatives, and option markets depending on your subscription level.

Again, this is all done autonomously. There’s no need for you to login unless you want to check on your profit. This is what we mean when we say earn BTC while you sleep.

Subscription plans

To give you an idea of the data going into Jarvis' analysis, here are some examples:

  • Jarvis keeps a book of habits on 600+ wallets of known market movers, so when one of them makes a transaction Jarvis reacts
  • Technicals (open interest, shorts vs longs, crypto deposited on exchanges, liquidity pools)
  • 80 network metrics like wallet growth, transaction volume, NVT, and many more
  • Miner health ( miner selling, hash rate, difficulty adjustments)
  • Futures, options, and derivative pricing for arbitrage
  • The flow of crypto to and from exchanges
  • Market sentiment

After two years of development, Jarvis went live in June 2018. 

Since then… 2,725.8% gains. Incredible, right? But guess what, there were four losing months in there. It’s what we mean when we say Jarvis isn’t perfect. Over time though, it’s clear… Jarvis wins. 

The best part, Jarvis is continually improving. 

Now, a bit more on the performance… In the last twelve months there was one losing month of 9.1% back in August 2019. Nine of those months saw double digit gains. And at no point did a trade need to be placed manually. That means when markets were bleeding red or screaming higher, Jarvis was taking part. 

Do you remember November 2018? The month BTC dropped from $6,400 to below $3,500? Jarvis made 24.8% that month.

How about May 2019? BTC rocketed higher, breaching $9,000 momentarily from its $5,000 price tag just a few weeks earlier. Jarvis made 38% return on your BTC that month. Meaning Jarvis users got the benefit of BTC’s price rise in terms of US dollar while accumulating more BTC.

Or March of 2020… I’m guessing that’s still fresh in your memory. It was the month that brought Black Thursday. A day when price dropped 47%. 

Jarvis made 21.6% for the month.

With volatility comes opportunity for Jarvis. It’s what fuels its gains. And with Jarvis, you no longer need to race to a computer or login screen in order to act. Jarvis is already in on the trade without you doing a thing.


Subscription plans

get started

Access to Jarvis autonomous trading

Support for Binance Futures, Bitmex, FTX, Bybit and Deribit

get started

Access to Jarvis autonomous trading

Support for Binance Futures, Bitmex, FTX, Bybit and Deribit

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get started

Access to Jarvis autonomous trading for life

Supports multiple APIs across multiple accounts

Deribit Options Trading

Altcoin trades

Jarvis trades all these opportunities to maximize your portfolio

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